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As an improvisor and coach, I focus on fostering an ensemble that builds a foundation of grounded scenic work: using space and object work to establish environment; creating specific characters; building relationships where the characters genuinely care about each other. Additionally, I flourish in musical and genre based improv.

Hot Mic

An improvised musical performing monthly, I coach this group at Improv Cincinnati


Chance, Dan, & Tati's Musical Make-em-ups

This trio features pianist Dan Zimmer, comedian Chance Kilgour and I. We perform an improvised one act musical.



ComedySportz is a competitive improvisational comedy franchise.  A founding improviser of the Cincinnati Big Machine, I've also played in Boston, the Quad Cities, Buffalo, and Los Angeles.  Find your local ComedySportz team here!  (Photo credits: Patrick Parker, Brainne Edge)

Comedy Sports Championship.jpg

Funny Stuff

A few of the funny things I've created over the years.

An improvised radio show where I created the iconic character Madeline Masters.

My audition for the remake of Gone With the Wind.

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A comedy special made by my writing partner and I.

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