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My teaching philosophy is rooted in giving students practical skills that are founded on theoretical concepts of performance and anti-racism.  I have taught and developed curricula for classes in improvisational comedy, devising theater, theater history, script analysis, acting, dramaturgy, and contemporary rep at the elementary through college level.

Improvisational Theatre

The improvisation I teach focuses in acting skills, and the intersection of improv and dramaturgy. Improv classes I've taught include Tactical Acting, the Black Aesthetic, Unscripted Tennessee Williams, Movement, Applying the Viewpoints, and Improv 101.

This video gives some insight into the Tactical Acting class I taught at Impro Theatre.


As a classically trained actor, I have taught classes in vocal work, monologues, scene work, Anne Bogart' s Viewpoints, theatre games, adaptation, theatre history, and stagecraft.

In this picture, I'm leading a voice warm up.

Tati Voice Warm Up.jpg


I have taught general overview dramaturgy workshops and specific dramaturgy classes including Script Analysis, Contemporary Playwrights of Color, and various repertory classes.

In this picture, a class of elementary students are engaged in analyzing a script.


Career Technical Education

It was my pleasure and honor to teach at the school I graduated from, the Cincinnati School for Creative & Performing Arts.  The only K-12 arts program in the United States, students concentrate in an artistic major beginning in the 4th grade.  Career Technical Education focuses on giving students practical skills to take into industry work.

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