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My dramaturgical practice is rooted in the understanding that any art I create here in the United States is working within, in response to, and in conversation with institutional systems of oppression.  The dramaturgical questions I ask always begin with inquiries about the relevance to the current moment and how to engage responsible storytelling.

Production Dramaturgy

One of the main components of my work as a dramaturg is production dramaturgy. I specialize in targeted research, presentations for the actor, and various fields of content including, but not limited to anti-racist theatre practices, science fiction, medieval literature and art, comedy, and Yiddish history.

Pictured is a still from Ota Shogo's The Water Station, for which I served as production dramaturg to director Visnhupad Barve.

Water Station 1.JPG

New Play Development

Another major component of my dramaturgical practice is working with playwrights to develop new works. This manifests itself in a myriad of ways, always working to ensure that the playwright writes purposefully and specifically the piece they intend. I have worked freelance with writers as well as with institutional programs such as Pipeline Theatre Company's PlayLab program and the Cincinnati Fringe Festival.

Pictured is a photo from the new play The New Adventures of Calliope Jones and Captain Cool.

CC and CJ.jpg


A key skill I rely on as a dramaturg is project management. As a producer of events, productions, talkbacks, readings and workshops, clear communication and organization are of the upmost importance. I'm a trained facilitator for large groups and, due to my performance background, am adept at public speaking. 

Pictured is the image for a variety show I produced that was designed to be performer driven. (Photo design: Tone Branson)

Madelyn Masters.jpg

Devised Theatre

It is a treat to be able to facilitate the creation of a new piece by an ensemble. This calls upon my skills as a facilitator, a researcher, a director, and as a writer.

This piece pictured, Clermus and Stein Present, was devised at the Experimental Theater Wing at NYU.

Me, Clermus, Stein.jpg
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