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My dramaturgical practice is rooted in the understanding that any art I create here in the United States is working within, in response to, and in conversation with institutional systems of oppression.  The dramaturgical questions I ask always begin with inquiries about the relevance to the current moment and how to engage responsible storytelling.


Part of my work in playing with the tension between the art I create and the systems of oppression in which it's created.  This is the first episode of a puppet show I cowrote that helps to facilitate talking about race with children.

New Play Development

For this new work in the Cincinnati Fringe Festival, The New Adventures of Calliope Jones and Captain Cool, I served as a script consultant, director, and set designer.  (Photo credit: Jeff Burkle)

CC and CJ.jpg


This variety show was designed to be performer driven. (Photo design: Tone Branson)

Madelyn Masters.jpg

Devised Theatre

This piece, Clermus and Stein Present, was devised at the Experimental Theater Wing at NYU.

Me, Clermus, Stein.jpg

Production Dramaturg

For this production of Ota Shogo's The Water Station, one of my main tasks was to prepare and teach the audience how to watch this hour and a half long, silent, Japanese Avant-Garde play.

Water Station 1.JPG
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