I consider myself a classically trained actor with a penchant for performing elevated text.  A student of David Mamet, I'm part of a Western lineage that dates back to Ancient Greece.  As such, I'm very good at playing stereotypically black characters.

Here I am playing a sex worker with a dark past in Guirgis' Den of Thieves.


Did you know there were black maids in Russia?  Here I am playing the maid in Tom Stoppard's translation of The Seagull.

Tati Seagull.jpg

Playing an actual minstrel in a production of Rumplestiltskin.

Tati Rumpelstiltskin 1.jpg

Another black maid in a production of The Miracle Worker.  At one point the director insinuated that my performance was too black, and asked me to tone it down. 

Tati Miracle Worker.jpg
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